Tuition and Fees:

Monthly Tuition: 

$144   Piano or Guitar Lessons (4-5 private lessons per month)

$162   Mixed Lessons: Piano&Voice OR Guitar&Voice (4-5 private lessons per month)

$173   Voice Lessons (4-5 private lessons per month)

Family discount:
15% discount for each additional family member  

Annual Registration Fee: $25 per student

The monthly tuition is charged in advance at the beginning of each month.

The first lesson with us is always a free introductory lesson.
Once you decide to sign up, you should submit a registration form on or before your first regular lesson.
The Registration Form should include Auto-Payment authorization. 

Missed Lessons
Students are charged for all lessons for which they register. We are not obligated to schedule makeup lessons for those lessons missed due to student non-attendance, illness etc. 
However, makeup lessons may be offered by the instructor as a gesture of good will.

Student Absences 
Attendance at all lessons is very important. Teachers are not required to make up lesson that the student has cancelled without a 24-hours advance notice. They may do so as a gesture of good will.
When students have not practiced, they are urged to attend their  lesson and practice with the teacher. 
When students are sick, the instructor should be notified as soon as possible. 

Teacher Absences
Teachers are required to make up any lessons that THEY have canceled. 
Make-up lessons can be re-scheduled at a mutually convenient time. 

Termination of Lessons
All requests for withdrawal, for suspension of lessons or for refunds, must be made in writing via Email. Please follow the Policy and Procedures that are outlined in the registration form.  
Verbal notice or requests from students, parents or faculty cannot be accepted.

Transfers/Change of Instructor
Our method of assigning a private instructor is designed to make the best possible match before studies begin. However, if a change is desired, a student must first contact our office. 
Should there be concerns about the student’s progress or about other aspects of the program, you may discuss them with the current teacher first. Since we are committed to placing all students in appropriate paths of study, solutions to unsatisfactory situations will always be offered. 
You should not ask a new teacher to accept a transfer student before the parent has spoken with our office. This would be unfair to both teachers and would cause unnecessary problems and discomfort for teachers and student alike.
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